Amazing Beauty Secrets Using Coconut Oil

Looking for the best beauty secrets and tricks using coconut oil?

beauty secrets coconut oil

Coconut Oil has been one of the best-kept beauty secrets of many cultures. It is packed with vitamins D, E, K, and iron. It has many benefits and can be used from head to toe. There are so many amazing beauty secrets and tricks using coconut oil that we will share with you.  You will be amazed by the beauty power of this oil, but it goes way beyond beauty to have an overall impact on your health and total wellness.

Did you know that taking coconut oil orally can improve the appearance of the skin, boost your immune system, and help your hair look shinier and so much more? Coconut oil can be applied to your skin to heal and repair skin issues. It is important to know that when buying coconut oil be sure to buy organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, which is not processed so it is better quality.  Coconut oil can replace so many products in your household, so it is recommended that everyone should have one bottle or jar handy. Coconut oil is has become a must have beauty product in most recent years. Read on to find out some of the top beauty secrets on how to use coconut oil for skin, hair, nails and more. Here is our list of ways to use coconut oil to enhance your overall beauty:

List of Amazing Beauty Secrets And Tricks Using Coconut Oil:

Makeup Remover- Removes makeup and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

Wrinkle prevention-  Rub coconut oil into your face. By keeping you face moisturized you prevent wrinkles that form when the skin dries out. Coconut oil repairs skin and builds cells.

Under Eye Cream- Moisturizes and firms the skin around the eye. Takes care of puffy eyes, under-eye bags, and wrinkles.

Conditioner- Want to make your hair healthy and Strong? Coconut oil does wonders for your hair. Apply prior to washing your hair, wait 20 minutes or do it the night before. The longer the better! You can even do a deep conditioning treatment. Put on the coconut oil in your hair, then add heat by turning on the blow dryer for 1 minute then cover with a plastic wrap and you can leave it on for 20 minutes or as long as you want.

beauty secrets coconut oil for hair
Hair- Apply a tiny dab rubbed onto your hands on ends to help dry ends and through the hair to get rid of frizz.

Stimulate Hair Growth- Can be rubbed into scalp daily to stimulate hair growth. It has a unique structure that allows it to be easily absorbed into the scalp and skin.

Shaving Cream- Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream for smooth silky legs.
After Shave Lotion- Apply after shaving to heal the skin and it is great for razor burn.

skin care tips

More Amazing Beauty Secrets Using Coconut Oil

Lotion- Coconut oil can replace all the lotions you currently use. It is all natural and penetrates deep into the skin to lock in moisture. It can also be used to prevent stretch marks or even help get rid of them and unwanted scars.

Age Spots- Lightens age spots when applied directly on the skin.

SPF 4 sunscreen-  Use as an all-natural sunscreen.

Body Scrub- Mix equal parts of organic sugar and coconut oil for a natural body scrub you can even eat as a treat!

Cellulite- When massaged consistently on the skin it can help get rid of cellulite.

Strong Nails- Rub coconut oil onto cuticles to help nails grow.

Lip Balm- An easy way to naturally add and condition your lips at the same time.

Foot Treatment- Do you have dry, cracked feet? Rub coconut oil into your feet and put on a pair of socks overnight. The next day you will have soft feet.

Eyelashes-  Brush on to eyelashes to boost their growth.

Tooth Whitener-  After brushing your teeth, swish coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes and spit it out. This is a simple way to detox your body and will help with gum disease and whiten your teeth at the same time.

coconut oil benefits
As you can see, there are countless ways to use coconut oil in your beauty regimen. You can start to uncover the amazing beauty secrets using coconut oil right away. Feel free to try this great multi-purpose oil! It is natural, affordable and easily available at your local health food stores. For further health benefits, it is great when taken internally since it is full of many nutrients and essential fatty acids which are important for both health and beauty. I would simply leave you with the following question. What will you use coconut oil for?
Author Bio: Janette Graveran is a natural health enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her family, good friends, and her beloved puppies. She truly enjoys researching natural health topics to share with others. She is also a food blogger in her spare time, sharing fun and delicious recipes. Check out her blog at

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