Best Beauty Tips and Secrets for Men Revealed

Find the best beauty tips and secrets for men

If you are a man on the hunt for some new and improved beauty tips and secrets for men like yourself to keep looking at your best, then you have just found a great source of information. It can sometimes be difficult to have conversations about men beauty tips with your male buddies without looking odd.  Now that you have made it through college and have a reputable position of employment, you can certainly afford some of the basic luxuries that will keep you looking attractive and appealing. You own it to yourself to take the best care of you while you are still young and vibrant. Here are some easy beauty tips for men like you, who take pride in their appearance:

Simple Beauty Tips For Men

beauty tips for men skinNever Neglect your Skin

One of the best beauty tips for men is to always pay attention to your skin.  A basic 3-step daily process of good skin maintenance will help you to keep your daring good looks for years to come.  Neglect your skin, and you will appear to age at a much faster rate, even before the gray sets in.

  • Use a professional face wash treatment to prevent acne and blackheads.   Yes, we are still susceptible to zits!
  • Use a men’s toner to tighten the pores and to give your skin a healthier glow.
  • Use a moisturizing agent afterward to prevent crags and wrinkles.  Something with mineral oil is a good choice.  This is perhaps the most overlooked of the beauty tips and secrets for men.
  • You may not like to hear this, but there are even some men’s wrinkle creams online and in reputable department stores.


Smile Bright to Attract them in Huge Numbers

Beauty tips for men -dental careTake good care of your teeth.  As we age, they naturally begin to fade due to the foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink.  It can’t be helped, but you can keep your smile bright and shiny with consistent dental checkups and teeth whitenings.

There are even several types of over-the-counter whitening agents that are very inexpensive.  Consistent care in this area will provide extra animal magnetism.  Studies show that a man’s smile not only attracts the ladies but increases their abilities in dealing with other men in the workplace.  This makes it one of the best beauty tips overall!


Take Care of your Nails

beauty tips for men nail careWomen take loads of time, money and effort to carefully manicure, sculpt, polish, paint, and decorate their fingernails and toenails.  They do this to remain attractive to their partners, but they are also the first to compliment another woman’s manicure or nail color, as well.  So what makes us think that women do not notice a man’s fingernails in the same manner?

The simple truth is that they DO notice, absolutely, and other men in your professional environment also notice, as well.  Unless you are an automobile mechanic or a landscape architect, the need to have well-trimmed and clean fingernails is essential to making a lasting and positive first impression.One of the easiest and best beauty tips for men is to simply get in the habit of thoroughly scrubbing your nails after your outdoor activities, yard work, and car repair chores.  It will make a big difference in your overall appearance.

  • If you are not the type to purchase a professional mani-pedi, the process is very simple.  Start by clipping your nails horizontally, approximately once per week.  Do this before you shower, as hot water can soften the nails, making them more pliable and therefore more difficult to clip.
  • Use a nail file or emery board to smooth out the edges.
  • Next, comes the cuticles.  Gently push them back with a cotton ball and cuticle oil.  You can even apply some mild hand lotion afterward to finalize the entire process.

Pay Attention to Facial Hair…ALL OF IT!
beauty tips for men facial hair tips
When men hear the term “facial hair”, they automatically assume we are talking about beards and mustaches.  But even if you are clean shaven, it is essential to focus on all areas of men’s facial hair.  This includes the beard, eyebrows, nose and even the ears.  And then there is the “In-between” aka “The scruff” that is neither clean shaven nor a full beard.

  • One of the primary beauty tips and secrets for men who remain beardless is to shave at least once a day.  For men who have a thicker beard, you might even have to shave a second time once that five o’clock shadow sets in, especially if you are going out for a night on the town with your partner.
  • For those with beards and mustaches, keep your facial hair clean.  Just as we shampoo our hair on the tops of our heads, this area cannot go neglected.  Even use moisturizer and conditioner.  This keeps it soft and silky for those up-close-and-personal encounters.
  • Trim and shape your beard daily.  Buy a beard trimmer and ensure that the facial hair is all one consistent length.  Make sure to define the outline of your beard clearly, perhaps by using a regular razor at the edges where the beard meets the neck and cheeks.
  • Another one of the best beauty tips for men is to pay attention to the eyebrows.  Don’t be afraid to trim them up, making them clean and kept.  Be sure to pluck any stray hairs in between the eyebrows as well.  Though some women find this attractive, most do not.
  • While you are gazing at your reflection in the mirror, take heed of your nose and ears.  This is perhaps the most unsightly and most often neglected areas on a man’s mug, but perhaps one of the most important beauty tips and secrets for men.

Washing our face, shaving, brushing our teeth and clipping our nails are all basic grooming necessities.  By taking a little extra time and care to “kick it up a notch” in all of these areas, the benefits and advantages in both your personal and professional life will be dramatic.  It is now more acceptable than ever for men to pay more attention to their outward appearance, but most of us have never been thought these simple and best beauty tips for men.

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