Hottest Fashion Trends For Your Winter Wardrobe

Looking for the hottest fashion trends for winter?

how to prepare your wardrobe for winter
We are here to help you find the hottest fashion trends to revamp your winter wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, winter can be a tricky time. It’s not fair to claim that it’s a fundamentally unstylish season, but it is accurate to say that it’s a lot harder to care about how you look when it’s freezing outside. Presented with a choice between a super cool bandeau dress and a pair of comfy jogging bottoms and fluffy socks – most women are going to go for the latter. With the cold months approaching, we may start to wonder about the latest winter fashion trends and how to give our wardrobe a winter makeover.

Yet, it is important to keep up appearances during the winter months. After all, the most exciting fashion event of the year is fast approaching – Christmas time. The very last thing that you want to do is spend all of October and November in a fashion funk, because you’ll find it near impossible to get back on the horse come December. Here’s a guide to this year’s hottest trends – use it to make sure that your wardrobe is prepared for winter.

Fun ways to prepare your wardrobe this winter


Dare To Go Bigger

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The artfully oversized look seems to be big this year – a lot of catwalk models have been dressed in deliberately oversized trench coats, sweaters and shirt dresses. It’s not a difficult trend to pull off and it’s quite a useful one for the winter months. It’ll keep you nice and warm, that’s for sure. Start thinking about cocoon pants, billowing skirts and wide leg trousers – it’s time to invest in a little bit of slouch appeal. In order to pull this look off, there’s one rule that you have to follow. Always avoid wearing this look on both your top and bottom halves. According to Glamour expert Lindy Segal, you should only ever go oversized on one part of your body. If you’re going to wear an oversized jersey dress, team it with skin-tight black pants.
Faking It With Faux Fur

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Luxury Faux Fur @ Heart of Gold and Luxury blog

Without fail, fur comes back into fashion every single winter.  It has truly become part of the undying winter fashion trends many fashion lovers enjoy. The reasons for this should be obvious – it’s stylish, it’s warm and it looks very luxurious. If you want to get that lavish look, without the high cost of real fur and standing against animal cruelty, then you need to invest in a high quality faux fur coat. There’s just no excuse for wearing the real thing anymore, so don’t allow yourself to be tempted by outdated notions of genuine fur. These days, the faux alternative looks every bit as good as the real thing, says Independent journalist Rebecca Gonsalves. If you’re really not a fan of fur, cashmere is a great alternative. It’s just as warm and luxurious as fur, but you don’t get that heavy, stuffy sensation every time that you come in from the cold. Why not invest in a top quality cashmere sweater and team it with a smart casual blazer, ankle boots and a pencil skirt? Sites like have lots of top quality cashmere sweaters, scarves and dresses.
Make It Military

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Military style jackets

Super masculine military style jackets and trench coats are all the rage this season. Most women tend to shy away from trends like this one, but they’re missing out. There’s no reason why you can’t team this look with a super feminine outfit – if anything, it will only serve to emphasize the delicate nature of your ensemble. Real fashion fans know that style is all about contrast and this is one of the very best ways to get that edgy, editorial look. The experts at Vogue magazine are very fond of this trend and advise readers to really embrace the androgynous nature of rigid, military style jackets. If you’ve got the confidence – by all means, flirt with your masculine side.

As you can see, styling your winter wardrobe can be really fun this year. You have to find what is comfortable for you and give your winter clothes a well-deserved makeover. As you may already know, fashion change every season; what’s hot in 2013 may not be in style in 2015 and beyond. Try to keep an eye out for your favorite designer’s fashion line for winter or read some popular fashion magazines and blogs to know what the latest winter trends are. Have fun with it and stay warm this winter!

Author Bio: Eva is the editor of a fashion magazine. She recommends checking out the Scottish cashmere at Eva can usually be found attending catwalk shows or interviewing designers about their seasonal shows.

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